Ad Guidelines


– At least one image required (not blurred/ distorted/ website screenshot).

– Pets: Picture of pet required.

– No text/ color on first picture.

– No genitals on first picture.

– No stock photos/ stolen images.


– Be honest (no false statements no omission).

– No mispricing (Free, 0 OMR, OMR 1, etc.).

– No sick pets unless clearly stated.

– Only supported ad topics.

– Only English / Arabic language.

– No URLs/ Domains in Title (in description OK).

– No links to competing websites.

– No pets located abroad.

– No protected species.

Ads & Accounts

– Ads must be unique.

– Max. one ad for each pet / service / wanted.

– Pets must be listed where they are located.

– Duplicates/ Multiple ads for the same pet/ purpose not permitted and considered SPAM.

– Ads listed in multiple locations.

– Same ads listed in multiple accounts.

– Multiple accounts for the same user/ business.

Please Note, If your ad violates any of the above we will remove it at our discretion and without prior notice. Some violations result in immediate account suspension.